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‘Catching Faith’ Book Review September 23, 2012

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Title: Catching Faith (Kindle book only)

Author: Heather McBride

Date I Finished Reading: July 9, 2012

My Rating: 2/5

I was really excited about reading this book on my beloved kindle (yes! I love my kindle :D) but it was kinda a disappointment. The story is supposed to be about a girl who goes through a change, her faith is tested, and she grows closer to God. However, I feel like the story really lacked I dunno, SOMETHING.  The story was, in my opinion, cheesy and predictable. The authors writing style was dry and slow, and the book was full of erroneous grammar that was really annoying and distracting… If you want a cheep book to read on your kindle, but don’t really care if it is very gripping or intriguing, then this is for you; but if you were to ask me, I would say not to waste your time.

You can get this book for your kindle for only $0.99 at this link:


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