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‘the First Gardener’ Book Review September 23, 2012

Title: the First Gardener

Author: Denise Hildreth Jones (probably one of if not my all time favorite authors!)

Date I Finished Reading: April 1, 2012

My Rating: 5/5

Denise Hildreth (Jones, now) is an absolutely amazing christian author with an astounding talent to bring humor, love, and God all into her fiction to create a masterpiece. I was really looking forward to reading her newest book…and this was no disappointment! The story is of Grey and MacKenzie London, Tennessee governor and his wife. They have always wanted desperately to have children, but MacKenzie struggles to do so. They have lost 5 babies already… But there’s Maddie, their sweet, beautiful miracle child. She is an answer to their prayers and brings them tremendous joy.  Then there is tragedy. MacKenzie sinks into a depression so deep, Grey fears he may never get her back. However, God is faithful and sends her help through a rather unlikely source. I loved this book. Just like all of Denise’s other books, it caused me to laugh, to cry, to think. I highly recommend this book to teens and adults ( there is some more mature aspects to the book).

Oh! One more thing! If they make a movie of this book ( hint, hint to you movie-making people) I would really love to see Morgan Freeman cast in the role of Jeremiah, just so you know 😀

You can purchase this book at… click right here:


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