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‘the Shack’ Book Review September 26, 2012

Title: the Shack: Where Tragedy Confronts Reality
Author: William P. Young
Date I Finished Reading: August 11,2012
My Rating: 5/5

This is not your typical fiction. This is amazing. I have never seen tragedy, mystery,emotion and theology wrapped together so well. Two years after his daughter’s disappearance Mack gets a note, supposedly from God inviting him back to the spot the only evidence of the crime was found. He goes. What unfolds is amazing. The story makes you view God in a new light and also answers the question “How can a loving God allow tragedy?”. Although language is used on a few occasion, I highly recommend this amazing, heart-touching book.

A copy of this book can be purchased at:


4 Responses to “‘the Shack’ Book Review”

  1. dionnemast Says:

    I have to disagree with you on this book. I think it spreads an unrealistic view of God and who He is.

    • godrox1997 Says:

      I agree with that to a point… I do not believe each of Young’s points are correct, but I believe it encourages us to see God in ways that we otherwise would not…ya know what I mean? It reminds us of his genuine love, and that we dont know as much about him as we sometimes think we do…

      • dionnemast Says:

        Honestly, this book grated against the Holy Spirit within me. If you found something of value, then perhaps God opened your perspective to something different than my own. I simply couldn’t accept the concept of God as a big black woman, an Eastern woman, and Jesus out back cutting wood. There are too many people who don’t know the Word of God that would take a book like this seriously. I think it encourages deception. But that is my opinion. Thank you for your willingness to post my opinion, even if it is different than your own. God bless!

      • godrox1997 Says:

        I see where you are coming from… Thanks for your honest feedback, people should hear both sides! God Bless ya!

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