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‘Alone Yet Not Alone’ Movie Trailer August 22, 2013

Hello, everyone! This trailer is for the movie Alone Yet Not Alone, based on the book by Tracy Leininger Craven. I am super excited about the movie, which is released next month! Do not forget to enter my giveaway for the book by commenting either on this post, or on my previous post! 🙂


The More I Seek You by Kari Jobe March 31, 2013

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This song moves me every time that I hear it. It is so true, pure, and beautiful that it brings goosebumps to my skin, and tears to my eyes. How often do I seek God? How often do I thirst for his presence? How often am I utterly overwhelmed by my desire and longing to know him more, and to be with him? This song is so beautiful, and an amazing reminder to me. I encourage you to truly listen to the words, and take it’s words to heart.