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‘I Still Believe’ Book Review February 7, 2013

978-1-4143-7559-5Title: I Still Believe: a memoir

Author: Jeremy Camp with David Thomas

Date I Finished Reading: February 7,2013

My Rating: 5/5

“Even when I don’t see, I still believe.”  The words of Jeremy Camp’s song I Still Believe,  have reached out to and connected with thousand of people around the world, as has many of his other songs. But what inspired Jeremy to write these words that he shared with so many people? In this memoir, he shares his testimony and the story (or stories) that inspired and encouraged him in his music.

Jeremy shares his story from his rebellious teenage years, to falling in love, to losing his wife to cancer, being called to the music ministry and to remarrying and starting a family. He tells how God worked in his heart and mind throughout all of this and how God has worked in and through him.

I absolutely loved this book. It has to be one of my favorite memoirs, if not my favorite! Jeremy writes with honesty, humor, and love in an interesting and easy-to-read manner.  He doesn’t try to glorify himself or toot his own horn, but is down-to-earth and humble.

I would definitely recommend this book, especially to someone who is experiencing a hardship or loss and is trying to stay faithful and say for themselves, “I still believe.”

Note: I received a copy of this book free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review, however, my opinions are my own.

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‘Desiring God’ Book Review October 10, 2012

Title: Desiring God: Meditations of a Christian Hedonist

Author: John Piper

Date I Finished Reading: October 10,2012

My Rating: 5/5

I was very excited about reading this book; but at the same time, a bit hesitant, expecting the book to be extremely confusing and over my head. Not so! John Piper did an excellent job at presenting his thesis in a practical, comprehensible and applicable way.

This entire work focuses on the following statement:

The chief end of man is to glorify God by delighting in him forever

Some topics the book touches on would include (but not be limited to):

*God, being perfect and holy, delights in himself and his glory

*The heart of worship

*Is it even right to delight in and worship God for our own happiness?

*The heart of prayer

*Suffering for Christ

This book was very beneficial to me. It truly caused me to examine my heart to see where my joy and delight is found and whether or not I have a proper thirst for God. If you are truly serious about your walk with God and would like to enrich that relationship, then I would most definitely recommend this book to you!

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