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‘Paper Roses’ Book Review September 27, 2012

Author: Amanda Cabot

Date I Finished Reading: August 16, 2012

My Rating: 4/5

I was not really expecting to like this book (I think it was the fact that Sarah was a mail-order bride that had me hesitant). However, I was delightfully surprised! I found myself quickly becoming drawn to the characters and feeling for them in their pain. The characters were real, down-to-earth and so was the story. They did not have one of those easy-cheesy, happily ever after love stories. Both of the lead characters had struggles, they both needed to learn to forgive someone who had caused them tremendous pain. Neither wanted to let go of the anger they felt towards these people. However, when they found God’s love and forgiveness they discover that they were called to forgive as they had been forgiven. This was such a good story, I cried (shock, shock).  I really recommend this book!

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