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‘Naked God’ Book Review May 31, 2013

adornment_4670_1440x900Title: Naked God: The truth about God exposed

Author: Martin Ayers

Date I Finished Reading: May 30,2013

My Rating: 2/5

In this book Martin Ayers explores questions such as is there a God? Who was Jesus? How does this influence my life? And he does so in an attempt to persuade or encourage non-believers to follow the Christian faith. Having this knowledge, I was eager and curious to begin reading the book, hoping to find a great resource to pass on to others, Christians and non-Christians alike. However, the book was not what I had hoped it to be.

There were a few different issues, or arguments that I had against this book. One would be that it seems Ayers uses very little scripture or outside resources to support his points, instead following the path of reasoning and logic. Now reasoning and logic is not necessarily a bad or negative thing, but I believe that when exploring a theological issue God’s word should be at the center of our thinking, and other people’s writings and thoughts can prove to strengthen the argument. This is why I was disappointed that so few scriptures appeared throughout the book.

Another aspect of the book that I disliked was the fact that at one point Ayers promotes the belief that evolution and the big bang theory is in line with biblical teachings, and therefore can be true.  I personally was turned away by this. Scripture points to God’s creation of the world through his words in a six-day process. This is not what evolution and the big bang theory teaches, and therefore they cannot both be right. I believe that God’s word is true and right in everything, including creation. This alone would prevent me from passing this book on to another, especially a non-believer, because I find that it could become very misleading.

The final complaint that I have against this book would be that it does not seem to go very deep. I personally did not find anything in this book that was challenging or even thought-provoking. At the beginning of this book Ayers says that his goal was to remove assumptions and merely explore the truth about God, who He is and how it affects us. And although he does remain neutral, I feel as though not much was exposed, but merely the more obvious was stated.

To sum it up, I wouldn’t recommend this book to another person, especially to a non-believer. I just feel that resources we pass on to others should contain and be supported by scripture. This book is not. I simply feel that the points presented in this book are basic, and do not go very deep, and that there are many other resources for Christians and non-Christians alike that would be more beneficial to read from and to study on this topic.

Note: I received this book free from the publisher in exchange for my honest review. However, the opinions expressed are my own.

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‘ the Radical Question and A Radical Idea’ Book Review October 12, 2012

Title: The Radical Question and A Radical Idea

Author: David Platt

Date I Finished Reading: October 11,2012

My Rating: 5/5

What does Jesus mean to you? To some christians in other areas of the world, this could mean following him to persecution, torture or death. However, here in America, we have the freedom to worship God how we wish without these risks. So what does this question mean to us?

In this book (or books, because it is really two books in one) David Platt discusses how we should consider and apply this question in our lives, and what this should look like. He also discusses the point that ministry is about people, not programs.  This book was very well written, easy to read, and backed by scripture. I just wish it was a little longer…

I recieved this book free from WaterBrook Multnomah in exchange for an honest review. However, my opinions are my own.

You can find a copy of this book here:


‘Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ’ Book Review October 11, 2012

Title: Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ

Author: John Piper

Date I Finished Reading: October 11,2012

My Rating: 5/5

Jesus Christ… he is the center of the gospel. He is our salvation. However, do we really know him? In this book Piper simply and biblically presents to us some of the characteristics of our savior.He looks into WHO Jesus is, not merely WHAT Jesus is (our savior). Some characteristics of Christ explored within the book are:

*His Aim

*His Diety

*His Excellence (this looks into his lion/lamb nature)

*His Joy

*His Power

*His Wisdom

*His Desecration

*His Anguish/Suffering

*His Saving Sacrifice

*His Mercies

*His Severity

*His Resurrection

*His Second Coming

This book was very easy to read, with simple language and small chapters. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who desires to learn more about our great God! Another book that I would suggest on this topic would be Knowing God by J.I. Packer, which is very deep, but also very rewarding!

You can find a copy of Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ here:


‘Dug Down Deep’ Book Review September 27, 2012

Title: Dug Down Deep: Unearthing What I Believe and Why It Matters

Author: Joshua Harris

Date I Finished Reading: September 23, 2012

Rating: 5/5

My youth group is starting a study on this book, and I am so excited! This book is a great resource to add to your library. In it Joshua Harris speaks on the meanings of christian beliefs. Christian orthodoxy. The flesh. He is such a great author. I believe part of the reason I enjoyed this book is how real he is. He speaks of his own testimony, he speaks openly, he speaks honestly. I believe that this made his book so much more effective. I really don’t have the time to get too specific about the content of the book, but I would definitely say that this is worth reading, and encourage you to do so.

Note: Joshua is a very honest author, he does not skirt around the issues of sins such as lust. I would advise this book for teens and adults, but would be more hesitant to recommend it to a younger audience.

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‘the Slumber of Christianity’ Book Review

Title: the Slumber of Christianity: Awakening a Passion for Heaven on Earth

Author: Ted Dekker

Date I Finished Reading: August 25, 2012

My Rating: 2/5

I really put off reading this book for quite some time. I just was really unsure what to expect. Ted Dekker made some okay points in his book, but nothing really deep or eye-opening. Dekker used hardly any scripture to support his facts. I mean , a few passages poke in here and there, but mainly he used quotes from fiction books he has written, and his own opinion. I personally prefer to read books that are supported by scripture. There was also a couple of just really weird and disturbing things in his book.  Overall, I would say that I definitely do not recommend this book.

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‘Knowing God’ Book Review September 26, 2012

Title: Knowing God
Author: J.I. Packer
Date I Finished Reading: August 9, 2012
My Rating: 5/5

This book took me several months to finish, and I am typically a very fast reader. The book was just so deep…but it was also very deep, scripture-filled, revealing,challenging and convicting. Even though it took me FOREVER to read it, I’m so glad I did. It opened my eyes to how much I do not know about God and how much I need to seek him. I highly recommend this book to anyone serious about their walk with God and desire to know him better.

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