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‘Tribal Beat Volume 1’ Book Review November 19, 2012


Author: Various

Date I Finished Reading: November 16,2012

My Rating: 5/5

I suppose that this resource could be considered a booklet, being only about 50 pages in length, but oh well. In this whatever-ya-wanna-call-it, put out by New Tribes Mission, we see 17 short reports on mission work being done to unreached people groups and tribes around the world. I was not entirely sure how to “rate” this, considering it really is just a look into mission work being done elsewhere. However, I will say that I found this interesting. Each story is only a couple of pages long, with a coordinating Bible verse. This is a really quick and easy read to get a glimpse into mission work being done to these tribes and how exactly you can be praying for the missionaries.